OPPO is a leading innovator in smart devices. Step by step, OPPO has built a global innovation system that bolsters the exploration of cutting-edge technologies.

Inspiration Ahead

It stems from our value of “Benfen”, asking us to do the right thing and keep an open mind as we strive to seek truth. It is also rooted in our product history: from our first mobile phone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of spreading optimism and inspiration to the world with technology.

“Inspiration Ahead” is OPPO’s attitude towards the current state of the world, and is also shared by the group of people that OPPO wants to empower.

The current age is full of challenges and uncertainty. To believe in “Inspiration Ahead” is to believe that the future is promising. Just as we encourage everyone to brave the difficulties, OPPO will stick to the right thing and never sacrifice quality for speed.

OPPO identifies with the vast number of our fellows. We hope to empower them and elevate the society with innovation and technology, and to make a difference and to find inspiration ahead.

Brand Values

Benfen | User-led | Pursue excellence | Open: The core of OPPO's corporate culture has always been BenFen, and it is committed to creating great products that would delight the users. In the face of pressure and temptations from the external environment, we firmly believe that maintaining a calm posture and focusing on the fundamentals is the only way to make correct judgements and choices that will pave the way to health and longevity for the enterprise.

Brand Mission

“Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” is the driving force behind OPPO's innovation and technology development. In other words, OPPO is committed to helping every individual with innovative spirit to grow, as well as helping the society as a whole to develop, while practicing the BenFen culture, helping humankind to build a mutually beneficial and inclusive society.